Our Team

​Founded in 1991 by Bill Marks, Computer Training & Support started as a small company to provide individuals one-on-one on-site computer tutoring/training. In 1993, our company was written up in the Pioneer Press pointing out our presence to new computer users. Since then, we have been recognized by various newspapers and media. At the beginning of 1995, when computers gained popularity, CT&SS started to offer classes in local Park District Facilities bringing instruction into the backyards of homes and small businesses. 

On the support side, just as one routinely maintains their car, proper care for a computer is necessary. Our company provides its many support services at the client's home or business that saves the headache of bringing the computer to a local repair shop. Our support services range from consultation, setup and upgrades of computers to networking and troubleshooting computers as well. We work on both Windows and Macintosh machines and pride ourselves in the many years of experience we have. As a new service, we offer remote access to our client’s machines. This service is available only in certain situations but is very cost effective when utilized.

Bill Marks
Office: (847) 998-1975
Cell: (847) 736-2326
E-mail: info@ctandss.com
Alex Tzakov
Office: (847) 998-1975
Cell: (773) 485-0958
E-mail: alex@ctandss.com